Standard Alto

Standard Series

With our Standard Series Saxophones you have a great advantage! Whether your a starting musician and you just applied to get saxophone lessons, or you have already been studying for a while;  you will always get inspired by your deQuelery saxophone! Check de product page via the top menu to get to know more about the Standard Series. Available as Soprano-, Alto- and Tenor saxophone.

Your Standard sax will be delivered in a beautiful, sturdy case. To get you off to a great start we offer a starters package deal with reeds, stand and neck cord.

This is a Dutch product!

Pro Series


ro Series

The deQuelery Pro Series is the choice for the professional musician or the more or less experienced musician that has been playing the saxophone for a few years. Or maybe you have simply outgrown your saxophone. These hand crafted instuments from deQuelery distinguish themselves from the masses by their sheer quality in materials and sound. The musical characteristics, together with their unique sound projection and the broad spectrum of possibilities and musical styles, make the Pro Series your number one choice. The various characteristics and finishes of the  Pro Series, whether it’s the Honey Gold lacquer or the Satin Silver finish, has it’s own unique sound.  Especially in combination with our deQuelery Custom Necks you can create your own unique sound.

Custom Series


ustom Series

With a deQuelery Custom Series Saxophone, the sky is the limit. Just like the Pro Series, these instruments are hand hammered out of the best materials. The instrument is built from the ground up with a careful eye for detail. We are not afraid of comparing our instruments with brands like Yanagisawa, Selmer or Yamaha! You don’t have to take our word for it; just look at the video below where Boris van der Lek explains where he compares his deQuelery Custom Tenor with the Selmer Mark IV of the late but legendary Johnny Griffin! The video was recorded at the Dutch Music Event. We believe we have found the unique combination between classic vintage sound and modern playability, brought together in a truly stunning instrument. How do we know? Ask Boris van der Lek, David Liebman and many other happy customers.

Where are we?


deQuelery Windinstruments

Street: Productweg 9

Postcode: 4387 PG

City: Vlissingen

Country: The Netherlands


We often get questions from people about where our instruments come from: “So your saxophones are made in China and you relable them”? Well, no not exactly! There are many instruments out there that are made in China and most of them are of inferior quality. We do not do pass through business. For some parts we have carefully selected suppliers that we have worked with over the past years; specialized machinery is need for body and mechanisms that cost a fortune. Our saxes would be at least four times the price if we were to buy our own. Our order intake volume is simply too low to get a return on investment. Even Selmer has it’s parts manufactured in Korea. Our suppliers, are carefully chosen and are able to deliver exactly what we need according to our design and specifications (hand crafted parts for our Pro- and Custom Series, exact material thickness, tone hole positions, joints, neck design etc.). Other parts we make ourselves (neck, bell, adjustments and soon to be added: our own pads and mouthpieces).

All instruments are designed in CAD and have evolved to the instruments we have at hand. Our suppliers work from these templates. The saxophones arrive in parts to our workshop. They they will be joined with the other parts, to be built into a carefully crafted instruments, checked for intonation and adjusted to our customers liking. Creating a Pro- or Custom Saxophone takes a minimum of 8-12 weeks from the moment of ordering to delivery. Mass-production? No. A hand crafted instrument that we are very proud of, designed and built in The Netherlands according to your wishes? Absolutely!

We will continue to come up with innovations that move the saxophone forward in sound and playability; there’s more to come soon!

About deQuelery

Jurjen de Quelerij
Jurjen de QuelerijSaxophone designer, repair technician and owner of deQuelery WIndinstruments & Workshop
After his study of Fine Mechanics, Jurjen started Het Reparatieatelier (The Repair Workshop). Being a musician himself, he started to gain interest in the design of the saxophone. As a reference, he took the classic design of the vintage instruments from the ’50’s and ’60’s and started to make improvements and design enhancements. Subsequently, Jurjen added ergonomic improvements and a revolutionary neck design to his portfolio, This, in combination with materials used, passion for innovation and the instrument itself all lead to the fact that deQuelery saxophones are now known for their versatility in projection and sound – from velvet vintage to raw rock and flaming fusion – and amazing ease of play.
Was: Het Reparatieatelier
Was: Het ReparatieatelierIs: deQuelery WIndinstruments & Workshop
In 2002, Het Reparatieatlier was founded. Repair work, maintenance and customizing of windinstruments was the core business of this workshop. At the same time, people with a physicial dissability also started to discover the Workshop. Jurjen specialized in instruments from the ’50’s en ’60’s. Music bands, musicians and instrumentalists found their way to Middelburg. Instruments were brought in from outside of The Netherlands. Meanwhile, Jurjen kept on working on his developments. This all lead to the new name: deQuelery Windinstruments & Workshop. We are proud of the fact that deQuelery is a Dutch product!
deQuelery is a member of N.A.P.B.I.R.T
deQuelery is a member of N.A.P.B.I.R.TDe Nationale Associatie van Blaasinstrumenten Reparatie Technici
The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc. (NAPBIRT) is founded in 1976. The mission of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians is to promote the highest possible standards of musical instrument repair service by providing members with a central agency for the exchange of information and continued education through the administration of programs that benefit its membership.. deQuelery Windinstrument & Workshop is active member and will continue to innovate. You will fnd more info on innovations of deQuelery on this website.,

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You can buy your deQuelery reeds, neckcords, cases, music- and tabletstands online!

deQuelery vs. Selmer Mark VI – Boris van der Lek

This is one hell of an instrument! A dream come true. And from Dutch origin, too. Kudos!
Boris van der Lek
Probably the best hand made instruments I ever played.
David Liebman, Liebman's Groove

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