deQuelery: innovation with passion!

The number of artists playing with and on deQuelery products is growing! We are proud of our instruments, necks, sound bridges, ligatures and low whistles that found their way to passionate artists. Their ideas and suggestions lead to new innovations and products and keep our passion alive.

deQuelery Custom Tenorsaxophone

deQuelery Pro Series Satin Silver Tenor

Tim Welvaars

Tim Welvaars

deQuelery Goldsnabel Chromatic Harmonica

Allard Buwalda

deQuelery neck on Altosaxophone, deQuelery Spiro on Selmer tenor 

Elbert Smelt (Trinity)

deQuelery Spiro on Altosaxophone, deQuelery Whistles

Raaf Hekkema

deQuelery Spiro on Soprano en Alto

Richard Page

deQuelery Spiro on Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bari

deQuelery Spiro on soprano and deQuelery neck on Selmer Reference Alto

Thomas Feltmann

deQuelery aged neck on Selmer Balanced Action Tenorsaxophone

Frans Blanker

deQuelery neck on Selmer Series II Tenorsaxophone

Cor de Jonge

deQuelery silver plated neck with soundbridge on Conn Lady Face, deQuelery reeds and deQuelery F Low Whistle

deQuelery Spiro on soprano- and tenorsaxophone

Henk Bruggeman

deQuelery Spiro on Baritonsaxophone

Marijke Poppe

deQuelery Spiro on Soprano and Tenor

Andy Louwerman

deQuelery Low Whistles