deQuelery ‘Goldsnabel’ – Chromatic Harmonica

/deQuelery ‘Goldsnabel’ – Chromatic Harmonica

deQuelery ‘Goldsnabel’ – Chromatic Harmonica

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This is the harmonica we have developed with Tim Welvaars. Together with Tim we have chosen a solid brass cross alignment reed block, gold plated mouth piece and metal caps. This gives this instrument its unique sound and character. We’ll add more pictures, designs, product-options and making-of movies soon! A very reliable instrument with 2 years warranty! Listen to the recording below in which you can hear Tim play the Goldsnabel on ‘Dat Mistige Rooie Beest’, recorded at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam.

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos!

Please scroll down for technical details. We are also implementing a couple of innovative ideas to the Goldsnabel, so stay tuned for news soon to be announced!


Available on backorder



Holes: 12, cross alignment

Notes: 48

Range: C1 t/m C4

Reeds: fosphorus bronze

Thickness reed plate: 1,25 mm

Reed plate: brass  (options available soon – thickness 1,5mm; 2,0mm; 2,5mm in brass or bronze)

Comb: high grade brass  

Caps: silver plated brass (options available soon)

Mouth piece: high grade brass, silver plated or gold plated (soon to be announced options; we are working with David Kettlewell on various design concepts)

Slide: brass (options available: silver plated)

Weight: 480 grams



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