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deQuelery Irish Whistles

At deQuelery we have two different Irish Whistles; Pro Series and Artist Series, both available as Low or High Whistle (and Alto on special order). These whistles carry the Celtic name ‘Beannú, which means ‘Greeting’, or ‘Blessing’. Come visit our workshop, check out Facebook or send us an email via
In  addition to this, we have just launched a special Trinity version of our Whistles. Elbert Smelt plays our Pro line Irish Whistles, completely made out of aluminium.
The Artist Series is alo completely hand made, except for the flute head. Here, the flute head is a special design 3D printed brass piece. This makes it an excellent flute for both beginning as well as advanced players. Both Pro- and Artist flutes have a tuneable body.
Te Irish Whistles from the Artist Series we have in stock, also because Trinity decided to sell them after their concerts! The Pro Series we only accept back orders because of the fact that manufactering takes a lot longer. Delivery time is about two weeks. These Whistles are known for their deep and warm sound (see and hear soundbites below). Come visit our workshop or visit a Trinity  concert and check them out!

Price list Artist Series

High Whistle: €120

Tunings available: E, Eb, D, C, Bb. In the D-tuning, we can also create an extra low C# or C hole (add €20).

Alto Whistle: €140

The Alto flute is about an octave below the High Whistle range. Only available via special order.

Tunings available: C, B, Bb, A, G

Low Whistle: €160

Tunings available: F, Eb, E. D, C

Please note: All our Whistles are tuneable, except for the Artist High Whistle, where the non-tuneable version is optional. The Trinity models have a special Trinity logo and the signature of Elbert Smelt. More pictures later.

Price list Pro Series

High Whistle: €180

Tunings available: E, Eb, D, C, Bb. The D-tuning is also available with an additional lower C# or C hole (add €20 extra).

Alto Whistle: €220

The Alto Whistles are about an octave below the High Whistle. Only available upon request.

Tunings available: C,B, Bb, A, G

Low Whistle: €250

Tunings available: F, Eb, E. D, C


We can imagine you cannot wait to hear these Irish Whistles!

Low Whistle

Here is a track inspired by the Irish traditional ‘The Butterfly’, played on a deQuelery Pro Series Low Whistle (D).  Pro Series Low Whistle: Jurjen de Quelerij. Strings arrangement: Ruud Roelofsen.

High Whistle

This is a short sound bite of our Pro High Whistle, without EQ. High Whistle: Jurjen de Quelerij. Strings arrangement: Ruud Roelofsen.


Here is a YouTube promo movie, the Irish Whistle you hear is a deQuelery Artist Series Low Whistle.

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