What is refacing?

Refacing of mouthpieces is changing or correcting the ‘face’ of the mouthpiece where the reed sits. The main factors  of refacing are:

  • changing the curve of the mouthpiece facing
  • adjusting the ‘rails’ (thickness, symmetry etc)
  • changing the table
  • changing the tipopening
  • changing the baffle

In general, refacing a mouthpiece can certainly make a difference for your sound; by changing the length of the entire facing for example,  a more even sound between high and low notes can be achieved. However, with some very old mouthpieces, due to wear and tear sometimes reparing or improving is no longer possible.. With new mouthpieces, we often see that there are minor defects that do affect the sound. Buy two of the same mouthpieces and both will be different. Vendors do not have the time to adjust each and every one of them. That would make the pieces very expensive! Refacing is precision work. It often requires us to work with tens of millimeters. So if you have a mouthpiece that requires refacing be prepared to test it often in between adjustments. We have a vast database of mouthpieces to work with. So are there any impossibilities? Yes, for sure! We can’t make a mouthpieces sound like a certain type of horn. Make sure you exactly describe what the problem is you are having. And make sure it can’t be solved by any other means; ligature, neck, reed, embouchure etc.

Example of a mouthpiece curve that shows irregularities that can cause problems in sound. These can be easily corrected.

How much does refacing of a mouthpiece cost?

Depending on the material, we charge € 80,- for ebonite and € 95,- for metal mouthpieces.

Why do prices of mouthpieces differ so much?

The most important factor in the price of a mouthpiece is material. A solid silver mouthpieces is more costly than ebonite. Next to this, it’s the amount of work that goes into manufactering the mouthpiece and the time to make it. Often, moutpieces are not made as a mass product. Final adjustments and testing take a lot of time. Our mouthpieces are made by hand and the facing is adjusted until we are happy with it. It doesn’t mean that they are cheap, but you can be sure you have a quality mouthpiece that suits your needs. If you want us to make adjustments afterwards, this is always possible.