We are going to modify a Selmer aftermarket neck. This is a non standard neck which was sold as a stand alone product, made in Sterling silver. Modifications will comprise of changing the tenon, applying our deQuelery sound bridge and some other bits and pieces to get a rich, full sound. Here is the neck when it was brought into our workshop:

1. Old situation of the ring; because of the rather blunt rim, there is a slight turbulence in the neck. Not all of the air blown into the neck will contribute fully to the sound.

2. The rim has been adjusted; the angle in which air in blown into the neck is changed. The airflow is accelerated and as a result, high notes will be easier to accomplish.

3. Applying the sound bridge. A piece of brass is accurately placed at the beginning of the neck. The thickness of the sound bridge matches the thickness of the cork to be placed around the beginning of the neck, making optimal contact with the mouthpiece. A huge difference in sound!

4. The soundbridge is now in place and it has been polished. The shape of the soundbridge is adjusted to match the concavity of the mouthpiece. This is a patented deQuelery design!

5. There was a 2 mm slack on the octave mechanism. Because of this it was noisy and not precise anymore.

6. The octave mechanism is now working fine and a lot less noisy.

7. Finally, the end ring was straightened.

The end result! Cork is placed around the sound bridge, the octave mechanism is repaired and we have a beautiful modified Selmer neck!