De Artist Large Bore High Whistle speelt met meer volume, heeft een beter laag in het eerste octaaf en een helder hoog in het tweede octaaf.

Our Artist High Whistle Large Bore is is the perfect whistle semi-pro and advanced players. It has a large bore compared to the normal high whistle. As a result, the sound is richer and a tad warmer. The tone holes are set up using our CNC but finished by hand for correct intonation.

Our whistles are played and promoted by Elbert Smelt from Trinity. Sjoerd Visser is playing our High Whistle on the album SANCTUM of Frank van Essen (IONA). Keys: Bes, B, C, D, Eb en E. Tuning can be done from the head (+/- 12ct). With your purchase, you can opt for an extra body in order to play in different keys by changing the body.