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deQuelery 3D-Series – Fusion – Alto

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The complete 3D • Fusion-, 3D • Vintage and 3D • Classic  line is designed, produced and hand finished in our workshop. The facing and curve are carefully setup and hand checked. This is not an off-the-shelf product but a carefully crafted and precisely finished mouthpiece!

Our 3D-MPC’s are certified food-safe. Made from corn starch and because of its processing and characeristics called ‘engineering-PLA’ , it contains natural additives that gives it its strength. Before finishing, the mouthpiece is annealed in our oven and heated to 80C!

While the 3D • Fusion is our basis, we also created the 3D • Fusion Curve, the 3D • Fusion Groove and the 3D • Fusion Edge, all with their own darkness or brightness (the Edge being the brightest). Other MPC’s are our Vintage and Classic models.

Of course we can make you a fully custom mouthpiece in 3D printed or hard rubber material.

Our hard rubber models: RS • Fusion, RS • Fusion Edge, RS • Vintage, RS • Vintage Edge and RS • Classic.

Last but not least we have an ‘MT – Series in metal’, which is in the testing phase.

Please note: During the month of september we have an early bird pre-order discount of 15%!, Deliveries start in October!!! 

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This 3D • Fusion model has a medium chamber and no baffle, making it sounding warm overall. Including matching ligature.

A little less warm and more projection? Consider the 3D • Fusion Groove or the 3D • Edge. Darker? Take the Vintage Curve or other Vinatge models.

Please note: your are pre-ordering with a 15% discount. Expected delivery in October!

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