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  • Custom Tenor Saxophone

    3599,00 incl. BTW
    Our Custom Series are hand hammered out of high grade brass, red copper, bronze or a combination of these materials, made to perfection in our workshop. On the first picture here you can see the custom tenor we built for Boris van der Lek; silver plated, gold plated bell inside with name engraving, red copper neck and fully engraved body, bell and keys. Contact us for all possibilities!
  • Standard Series Tenor Saxophone

    1200,001225,00 incl. BTW

    Ideal for beginners and musicians that want to be inspired by the saxophone. Compliant with requirements from music schools and teachers. Solid, easy to play, low maintenance saxophone.

  • Pro Tenor Saxophone

    2900,003199,00 incl. BTW

    The deQuelery Pro Series is an excellent choice for the musician that wants to get the most out of his saxophone. Are you looking for a hand made quality instrument with an amazing sound? These instruments stand out from the rest of the pack because of the attention for detail, built from premium materials. The result is a 'The Martin' sound with modern ergonomics. Well balanced, full bodied projection, warm deep lows and easy, beautiful highs. Finished to choose from: Honey Gold, Silver plated, Red Copper, Raw Brass, Aged Brass and Vintage Glow. Mail us for more [email protected]