• Julius Keilwerth Tone King Alto sax, including case. Minor lacquer damage (please refer to pictures).
  • Standard Alto Saxophone

    925,00 incl. BTW
    Leap into your musical future with a deQuelery Standard Series saxophone! You will always be inspired by these instruments, whether you are a student or an advanced player. Of course, you can buy a saxophone from a brand that everybody else already has, but with a deQuelery you own an instrument which is designed in The Netherlands with warranty and maintenance around the corner! Engravings on bell and body. Comes with a case, mouthpiece and two reeds. deQuelery Standard Saxophones are made out of high grade brass. Although a classic design form the 50's has been applied, we altered the overall design to make them compliant to this modern age, like a high F# and modern mechanisms for better playability.
  • Standard Series – Soprano Saxophone

    995,001015,00 incl. BTW
    Mother of pearl key colors: White (default), Amalone (Blue/Green, Earl Grey (grey), Tiger Eye (Brown):
    Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye

    Earl Grey

    Earl Grey



  • Standard Series Tenor Saxophone

    1200,001225,00 incl. BTW

    Ideal for beginners and musicians that want to be inspired by the saxophone. Compliant with requirements from music schools and teachers. Solid, easy to play, low maintenance saxophone.

  • Sale!

    Martin Handcraft (1926) Tenor Saxophone

    1250,00 incl. BTW
    Martin Handcraft (1926), including original case.
  • deQuelery Artist Series Soprano (C)

    2195,002495,00 incl. BTW
    The deQuelery Artist Series suits all musicians for every style of music. This series stands for high quality hand hammered instruments, lots of options and finishes to choose from.
  • Pro Alto Saxophone

    2399,002599,00 incl. BTW

    deQuelery Pro Series saxophones are handmade from high grade brass, red copper or bronze, or any combination of these materials. Our design goes back to the 50's. The main difference with the instruments of that era is we have applied some modifications like a High F# and ergonomic improvements in the mechanisms, making our instruments easy to play and more flexible in tonality. The Pro Series have the same features as the Custom Series but is limited in the number of finishes and and extra's.

  • Pro Series Soprano Saxophone

    2599,002849,00 incl. BTW
  • Pro Series Soprano Saxophone (C)

    2599,002849,00 incl. BTW
    The deQuelery Pro Series is the choice for the professional musician or the experienced musician. Or maybe you have simply outgrown your saxophone. These hand crafted instuments from deQuelery distinguish themselves from the masses by their sheer quality in materials and sound. The musical characteristics, together with their unique sound projection and the broad spectrum of possibilities and musical styles, make the Pro Series your number one choice. The various characteristics and finishes of the Pro Series, whether it’s the Honey Gold lacquer or the Satin Silver finish, has it’s own unique sound. The curved soprano comes with a straight and curved necks. Our curved soprano has a warm, compact sound with a lot of emotion. Altissimo's are easy and melodic.
  • Pro Tenor Saxophone

    2900,003199,00 incl. BTW

    The deQuelery Pro Series is an excellent choice for the musician that wants to get the most out of his saxophone. Are you looking for a hand made quality instrument with an amazing sound? These instruments stand out from the rest of the pack because of the attention for detail, built from premium materials. The result is a 'The Martin' sound with modern ergonomics. Well balanced, full bodied projection, warm deep lows and easy, beautiful highs. Finished to choose from: Honey Gold, Silver plated, Red Copper, Raw Brass, Aged Brass and Vintage Glow. Mail us for more [email protected]

  • Custom Alto Saxophone

    3395,00 incl. BTW
  • De deQuelery Custom Serie saxofoons zijn onze premium instrumenten; volledig naar uw smaak gebouwd en afgewerkt; de mogelijkheden in afwerking en materiaalkeus zijn vrijwel onbeperkt.  De body is handgeklopt en op wordt op toon geslagen. De hier getoonde instrumenten dienen slechts als voorbeeld. Niet alle uitvoeringen zijn te zien op foto’s. We bespreken graag alle mogelijkheden! Parelmoer kleuren: Wit, Amalone (Blauw/Groen, Ear Grey, Tiger Eye (Bruin): Tiger EyeEarl GreyAmalone Opties (alle opties zonder meerprijs): Finish: Honey Gold, Silver, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, Raw Brass, Aged Brass, Red Copper. Combinaties tussen hals, beker, body en mechanismes. Gravures: Custom evngraving op hals, body, beker, en kleppen. Personal Engraving (handtekening of naam op het instrument). Geleverd met een Custom Case; een luxe koffer met leer afgezet.