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  • This is a new generation deQuelery Low Whistles, that can be tuned +/- 12 cents by adjusting the head position. A new type of PLA is used, that has the same characteristics of ABS, but is completely food safe. Listen to the Low Whistle here:
    Keys: C, D, E and F.
  • deQuelery Artist Irish Whistle Head – Extra

    14,9519,95 incl. BTW
    Need another head for your deQuelery Whistle? Maybe you have purchased an extra body and now want a matching head. This is for you. Please select the make and type of your whistle below. Made from 3D printed resin, this is a significant upgrade compared to the filament based ones!
  • deQuelery Artist Series – Irish Recorder Low

    110,00150,00 incl. BTW
    This is our all new Artist Irish Recorder; a recorder head with the feel of an Irish Whistle. Check our soundbite here: Played on a Low D Carbon en Low C Aluminium body with Recorder head Whistles: Jurjen de Quelery Arrangement: Ruud Roelofsen  
  • The carbon material feels pleasantly warm to the touch, because unlike brass it has very low heat conductivity and does not take heat from your hand. The air column in the instrument behaves in similar fashion, remaining almost at breath temperature regardless of the ambient temperature where you play and regardless of the instrument’s temperature. This reduces the need to re-tune after you have been playing for a while, and also reduces condensation build-up inside the instrument.
  • deQuelery Irish Flute – Aluminium

    98,00110,00 incl. BTW
    The Irish Flute may look like the Irish Whistle, mbut this time it s has a German flute head. And behold: the Irish Flute. A complete new instrument with its own special character. Body: Aluminium, (Brass and Carbon tol follow soon) Please check our short demo:
  • Beautiful Pro Series Low Whistle, hand crafted out of high grade aluminium. Carefully tuned based on concert pitch (440Hz).
      • Tuneable head by default
      • Keys of C, D, E Eb, F or G
      • Own design with hand shaped head
      • Made in our workshop
      • Low C off set for improved playability
    This line of Pro Series Low Whistles are called ‘Beannú’; the Celtic word for ‘Greeting’, or ‘Blessing’
    Every Low Whistle is made in our workshop. However we do not keep stock, so please add two weeks to your order.
    Here's a track on our Low Whistle (D), based on 'The Butterfly'.
    deQuelery Low Whistle Beannú: Jurjen de Quelerij
    Keyboards: Ruud Roelofsen
  • deQuelery Low Whistle – Standard Series

    55,0075,00 incl. BTW
    This is our new line of Irish Whistles! For the time being only in key of D. This line has an ABS body and the renewed Artist mouthpiece according to our own design. Plays easily, octaves come very natural and has a nice overall round sound. This is an ideal tool for when you already have our Artist or Pro Whistle, and need other keys that you might play less often on. Below an audio sample of the Standard Series Irish Whistle: Whether you are an experienced musician or you want to start playing Irish Whistle, your first 5 YouTube lessons are on us! In these online lessons we give advice on how to master Irish Whistle playing with examples. We are busy offering various options on this and other series, such as other bodies and mouthpieces in various colors and materials.
  • This series of Artist whistles has a brass body: deep, warm souding but lots of volume. This is a new generation deQuelery Low Whistles, that can be tuned +/- 12 cents by adjusting the head position. The head is made from hard rubber, designed and produced in-house. Listen to the aluminium Artist Low Whistle here (brass version to follow soon!):
    Keys: C, D, E and F. Please be aware that brass ages over time and becomes darker. We can apply a varnish to the whistle if you want, but it does not last a life time (just like with any other lacqurered instrument).
  • deQuelery Low Whistle body

    100,00 incl. BTW
    As soon as you have purchased an Artist or a Pro Irish Whistle, you can expand your set by selecting a body in a different key.