• Duduk adapter

    14,95 incl. BTW

    With this adapter you can play the Duduk with your clarinet mouthpiece. Produced in our workshop.

  • This is our PR Series Ligature, especially designed for our PR Series mouthpieces, however it is a nice fit for other types of mouthpieces, too!  This ligature comes in three sizes, but we can make you a ligature that fits. The ligature has a snug fit yet leaves freedom for the reed. Total length is 25 mm. Sizes (measured from almost the widest outer diameter of your mouthpiece to the outer diameter measured 25 mm upwards): Size N: 28.8mm - 26.6mm Size S: 31mm - 29mm Size L: 32mm - 30mm
  • Please note: This is a set of two Q-mass screws, both fitting on your tenon from each side of your instrument. Please order the Q-mass SINGLE if you only want one Q-mass. As sound travels through solid objects, it's causing it to resonate. Yes, sound does travel trhough solid objects. Your saxophone body contributes to the sound, believe it or not. In fact, sound travels about 14x faster though brass than through air. While the concept of the Q-mass may not be new, it is an innovation in the sense that it passes along the vibrations that originate in the neck, to the body by adding weight to the screw that holds the tenon into the body. The existing link between body and tenon is far from ideal in most cases; in fact any connection may impair the transmission of vibrations that contribute to sound. If this is a weak spot, your sound will be affected in a negative way. The oscillating air column in the instrument body may be impaired, too (we haven't be able to prove this, though). The connection between neck and body is enhanced by the Q-mass and aims to eliminate these negative effects. You could also apply the Q-mass on the body-to-bow section (contact us as we can provide you with the best solutions based on your brand). Sure, we also had doubts about adding weight to a screw on a ring that embraces the tenon of the saxophone neck. However, after a year of testing and development we've decided to bring the Q-mass to market, making it available for saxophone and trumpet. Musicians that have tested the Q-mass are thrilled and have made it part of their go-to setup. The Q-mass may appear to be simple, but can make a world of difference once in place! Allard Buwalda, Jan Menu and many others are convinced. The Q-mass replaces the standard screw. Made to order for almost all brands. Please try before judging. Your brand not listed? Choose 'other' in the drop down below and let us know by adding a note at your order. Questions? Drop us a note. Not happy? Just send it back.
  • This add on head to your flute turns it into a chromatic Irish Whistle! Just exchange your standard flute head with this one and you have a chromatic flute that sounds like an Irish Whistle. The mouth piece is made from resin, attached to an aluminium body, made to order in our workshop. Please let us know what kind of flute you own! Want more info? Send us a WhatsApp or SMS to make sure the head fits snuggly on your flute: +31 6 42236374.  
  • As soon as you have purchased an Artist or a Pro Irish Whistle, you can expand your set by selecting a body in a different key.
  • deQuelery High Whistle Artist Series

    64,95119,95 incl. BTW
    Our Artist High Whistle is a perfect whistle for beginning as well as advanced players. The body is hand made from high grade aluminium. The flute head is designed and produced in our workshop as well and made from resin, resulting in a warm, well defined sound overall. Tuning can be done by moving the head up and down (+/- 12 ct). Our whistles are played by Trinity, Sjoerd Visser and others (see our Artist page). Available keys: Bb, B, C, D, Eb and E. You can opt for a second extra body with your purchase. This allows you to exchange bodies without having to buy a complete whistle. The Artist Whistles are also available in carbon, brass and cocobolo. Please note that it may tak up to 5-14 days until your order is ready to ship! Please contact us for lead times.
  • This is a new generation deQuelery Low Whistles, that can be tuned +/- 12 cents by adjusting the head position. A new type of PLA is used, that has the same characteristics of ABS, but is completely food safe. Listen to the Low Whistle here:
    Keys: C, D, E and F.
  • deQuelery Low Whistle body

    100,00 incl. BTW
    As soon as you have purchased an Artist or a Pro Irish Whistle, you can expand your set by selecting a body in a different key.
  • deQuelery Artist High Whistle Large Bore

    109,95145,00 incl. BTW
    De Artist Large Bore High Whistle speelt met meer volume, heeft een beter laag in het eerste octaaf en een helder hoog in het tweede octaaf. Our Artist High Whistle Large Bore is is the perfect whistle semi-pro and advanced players. It has a large bore compared to the normal high whistle. As a result, the sound is richer and a tad warmer. The tone holes are set up using our CNC but finished by hand for correct intonation. Our whistles are played and promoted by Elbert Smelt from Trinity. Sjoerd Visser is playing our High Whistle on the album SANCTUM of Frank van Essen (IONA). Keys: Bes, B, C, D, Eb en E. Tuning can be done from the head (+/- 12ct). With your purchase, you can opt for an extra body in order to play in different keys by changing the body.
  • deQuelery High Whistle ‘Beannú’

    200,00240,00 incl. BTW
    We are currently very busy. Please call us for lead times on a Pro Whistle! Beautiful deQuelery High Whistle, hand made of high grade aluminium. Tuned referenced to A=440Hz. Beautiful warm sound, available in Bb, C or D, tunable slide head. Here's a short soundbite of our High Whistle. High Whistle: Jurjen de Quelery, string arrangement: Ruud Roelofsen. Recorded without EQ.
  • deQuelery Artist Duclar

    355,00 incl. BTW
    This Duclar is made from stabilized Birch wood or natural Ash wood. The Duclar is a cross-over from the Duduk and the Clarinet. The sound is melancholic and is often loved in Mid-Eastern countries. A short sound-bite:  
  • Our metal MT-Series are made out of brass. A medium chamber and op en character makes this MPC very flexible in sound scape. This mouthpieces is easy to play because of the internal design, however there is enough resistance to be able to perfectly control in all registers. This is the Fusion model. Tip-openings: 5, 6, 7, 8 Material: pearl-blasted and gold plated.