3D Vintage Groove

  • This is the Fusion Groove and has large chamber. A very versatile MPC and sounds just as good as a hard rubber mouthpiece! A very Jazzy sound in this mouthpiece! A relatively short and hooked baffle allows you to play punchy, but leaves lots of 'room' for warmth and dark subs. Including a specially designed ligature. Only available in black.
  • The 3D • Vintage Edge model has a large chamber, and a long, hooked baffle, making it sounding dark, but with added brightness. Very Jazzy! Including matching ligature. A little less dark? Consider the 3D • Vintage Groove or the 3D • Vintage. Brighter? Take the Fusion Groove or other Fusion models. Only available in black! We are making use of a new material that is only available in black. Ligatures can be made in color, ask us!