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  • This 3D • Fusion Edge model has a medium chamber, and a long, hooked baffle, making it sounding loud and bright!  Including matching ligature. A little less bright? Consider the 3D • Fusion Groove or the 3D • Fusion. Darker? Take the Vintage Groove or other Vintage models.   Only available in black!
  • The 3D • Fusion Curve model has a medium chamber, and a long curved baffle, making it sounding warm, but with added brightness. Including matching ligature. Want Funky? Consider the 3D • Fusion Groove or the 3D • Vintage. Brighter? Take the Fusion Edge. Color: black only!
  • The complete 3D • Fusion-, 3D • Vintage and 3D • Classic  line is designed, produced and hand finished in our workshop. The facing and curve are carefully setup and hand checked. This is not an off-the-shelf product but a carefully crafted and precisely finished mouthpiece! Our 3D-MPC's are certified food-safe. Made from corn starch and because of its processing and characeristics called 'engineering-PLA' , it contains natural additives that gives it its strength. Before finishing, the mouthpiece is annealed in our oven and heated to 80C! While the 3D • Fusion is our basis, we also created the 3D • Fusion Curve, the 3D • Fusion Groove and the 3D • Fusion Edge, all with their own darkness or brightness (the Edge being the brightest). Other MPC's are our Vintage and Classic models. Of course we can make you a fully custom mouthpiece in 3D printed or hard rubber material. Our hard rubber models: RS • Fusion, RS • Fusion Edge, RS • Vintage, RS • Vintage Edge and RS • Classic. Last but not least we have an 'MT - Series in metal', which is in the testing phase. Please note: During the month of september we have an early bird pre-order discount of 15%!, Deliveries start in October!!! 
  • Thee RS-Classic line mouthpieces are  known for their horse-shoe type of throat and medium chamber. This mouthpiece allows you to be a chameleon in any enseble or orchestra. Extremely suited for classical music with total control and balance. Including our own ligature, but also available with our legendary Spiro ligature! We design and produce our mouthpieces and ligatures ourselves. Color: black resin with aluminium 'colar'. Reference: Classical Music
  • Vandoren A25 – Alto

    35,00 incl. BTW
    Used Vandoren A25 mouthpiece for alto saxophone