• This new type of ligature is our own design. Many color variations due to the casting process. Hand finished. Musical characteristics: free resonating reed, more projection and focus.
  • Newly designed ligature for clarinet. Many color variations. Hand made and finished.
  • This is our PR Series Ligature, especially designed for our PR Series mouthpieces, however it is a nice fit for other types of mouthpieces, too!Ā  This ligature comes in three sizes, but we can make you a ligature that fits. The ligature has a snug fit yet leaves freedom for the reed. Total length is 25 mm. Sizes (measured from almost the widest outer diameter of your mouthpiece to the outer diameter measured 25 mm upwards): Size N: 28.8mm - 26.6mm Size S: 31mm - 29mm Size L: 32mm - 30mm
  • Our PR ligature is a perfect match with our PR line of mouthpieces. It also fits standard mouthpieces. If in doubt, contact us and we'll make sure matches your mouthpiece. This ligature allows you to play with complete control over the full register of your instrument.
  • This is our own ligature for baritone saxophones. Made from 3D printed resin and brass hardware (pressure plate and screw). Colour: black, with brass hardware. Perfect match for our PR ligature line, but also suited for most other brands. Contact us in case in doubt about sizes, we can get you a customised ligature quite easily.