Boris met zijn deQuelery Custom. Foto: Ruud Roelofsen

Boris met zijn deQuelery Custom. Foto: Ruud Roelofsen

I used to day dream about a saxophone that had my name engraved on the inside with my name, like Johnny Griffin used to have.
Well, daydreaming is over and reality is even more perfect than the dream. As of Monday August 18 I am the proud user of a deQuelery Custom Tenor saxophone! Yup, with my name engraved in the bell and full engraving like a tattoo.

This sax is finished in silver lacquer body and the inside is ‘Honey Gold Copper’, just as I wanted it.

Happy as can be I started to perform with De Deeldeliers three days later on De Parade in Amsterdam with Jules Deelder/ Bas van Lier/ Erik Kooger. Sixteen hows in four days.  

“Woooah, this thing shines like a dogs dick in the moonshine”. Typical Jules Deelder quote as I opened the case.

Once on my neck and playing the first few notes, we all knew: this is one hell of a saxophone!

My Custom built deQuelery Tenor played like a charm throughout these sixteen shoes. Moreover;  the sheer quality and passion it takes to build this instrument, ánd fullfilling all of my wishes (like high spring pressure, wide open valve setting, the finish, the engravings) is just spot on.

I am going to dream another dream in the coming years, I am very, very happy with this deQuelery Custom saxophone! 

Boris van der Lek

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Boris is going to hit the studio with De Deeldeliers, but also to record an EP on vinyl. We will keep you posted!

Order high quality prints of this beauty online via this link.

deQuelery Custom Tenor Boris van der Lek. Foto: Ruud Roelofsen

deQuelery Custom Tenor Boris van der Lek. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

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