We have listened

The Spiro has proven itself with many musicians that play saxophone or clarinet. The feedback we gotwas: ‘The Spiro plays awesome, but as soon as I use another reed thickness or use another mouthpiece, my Spiro doesn’t quite fit anymore.’

Introducing: de Sprio F!

The Spiro F has exactly the same features as the normal Spiro, but is more versatile due to it’s design when you use another reed or a different mouthpiece. By using two threads of brass soldered together bent into a spiral, you have more flexibility and a snug fit all the time!

The Spiro F is still custom made by hand from a brass 2 mm thread, varying in length from 50 – 100 cm.

This is the all new Spiro F, stretched out to show you how it works. Features are exactly the same as the normal Spiro: more control over altissimo’s and low notes and more balance in your overall sound.

Here’s the Spiro F in it’s normal condition.

When ordering, please choose Spiro or Spiro F, and don’t forget to tell us what mouthpiece(s) you play!

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