It looks like the release of our new mouth piece -called ‘VT’- is getting closer and closer! We have tested a prototype with several saxophone players, and got to a final design. This mouthpiece will only be released as a tenor-version and is aimed at the musician that plays jazz and pop; a warm vintage sound with a raw edge, bringing you back to the fifties. The core consists of molded resin, cut by a CNC milling machine and manually finished. A big chamber, balanced side rails and a high baffle on a reinforced core of copper results in enormous flexibility and control in all registers on all dynamic (air-) levels. Available tipopenings: 7, 8 en 9. Of course we recommend our deQuelery Spiro ligature to go with the VT and will certainly have a promotion package available. We expect to need another few weeks before we release the VT. Screen-Shot-2015-05-25-at-09.06.55

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