Spiro in bronze

Currently we are busy making bronze Spiro’s! These will be available soon, once we finish our last test using various instruments and mouthpieces. We will provide updates about differences in sound compared to the brass Spiro here as well. Normally, bronze is made out of 63% copper and 37% tin. Brass is made out of  60% copper and 40% zinc. Slight variations are possible however.

Due to the tin, bronze is somewhat harder and less flexible than pure copper. It has a higher density, and as a result less used for construction work. Adding tin to bronze is causing it to melt at lower temperatures than copper. Therefore it is used widely for art objects and things like plows, cutlery and…mouthpieces! Bronze gets a very nice brown-green patina when not plated or processed.

Below you can see the slightly darker bronze Spiro (in progress) on the left.

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