deQuelery Custom Series

The premium choice

Material and design

The deQuelery Custom Series saxophones are hand hammered out of high grade brass, red copper, bronze or a combination of these materials. A classic design from the ’50s is applied; the best instruments date back to that era. We added many features and design adaptations to meet modern standards.


The Custom Series are suited for professionals and advanced musicians. You simply allow no compromise when it comes to your instrument. The Custom Series is an excellent choice when you need a quality instrument. On stage, in the studio or anywhere you need the best of breed. Our Custom Series have it all; sound, looks and quality!


The possibilities of the Custom Series are almost endless. Gold and silver lacquer, raw brass, aged brass, satin gold or silver finish, full body engravings or any combination of these between body, guards and/or mechanics. We do most of the processing ourselves. Contact us for all possibilities!

Before instruments leave our shop

We care about all instruments, especially when they have our name on it! We check every detail, they are completely assembled from the ground up. Padding, springs, tone hole accuracy, intonation. We check it all, so you can be confident you have a quality instrument that will last. And it doesn’t stop there. You can always come back to us when you have a problem. We guarantee!

deQuelery Custom Soprano

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deQuelery Custom Alto

deQuelery Custom Tenor


deQuelery Custom Tenor


  • Soprano model is made out of ONE piece of metal. No differences in thickness or diameters which cause imperfections in sound.
  • Custom designed mechanism and ligature lay-out.
  • Blue high grade feather springs for precise pressure
  • Special design neck tenon: this enhances the contact between neck and body to get optimal resonance.
  • Custom designed neck with optimized angle. High pitched notes sound warm and overall playability improves drastically with less effort.
  • Special thumb-rest for the right hand. This supports an ergonomic stance.
  • Custom disigned clamp from body to bow results in maximum resonance.
  • High F-sharp.
  • High grade brass material.
  • Adjustable valve position for better intonation and projection.
  • Improved design of F-sharp/G-sharp, F-shap/B-flat and B/C-sharp mechanism
  • Removable key-guards for easy access/maintenance at side-F-sharp or F-sharp thriller.
  • Less turbulence due to a ring added on top of the neck.
  • Second neck with fixed sound bridge for better projection.
  • High quality pin point screws.
  • Customised mother of pearl inlays

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