deQuelery Customizing

At deQuelery, we are not only specialized in maintenance and repair, but also in customizing. A way to customize your instrument is to have it manually aged by us. This can be the whole instrument, or just parts of it.

The next series of photos are showing the process of ageing a deQuelery soprano saxophone body. Every ageing means giving your instrument a unique flavor; it’s a manual process, so you can have it your way!

Our Dutch translation of this blog post has some more info and some FAQ’s.

Original deQuelery soprano.


Body delacquered and degreased


Phase one, aged body


The color can vary based on submerging time and dry cloth cleaning afterwards.


Body ready to be reunited with mechanisms and keys





Nice contrasts between body and machanics


This Tenor is another example


Bach trumpet with gold plated tubing and inside bell.