Custom Aged Brass Alto under construction

These are some pictures from the aged Alto that we have been promising! At the time these pictures were taken, we were still building the instrument. We are planning another photo shoot soon, so that this beauty can show it’s true colors. We also noticed an amazing overall improvement on sound. The initial instrument was already rich in sound, but the end result is stunning. We have had several musicians testing this horn, and people were amazed by the looks, but moreover by the sound! So what’s the secret here?

This instrument in it’s core is especially designed and built according to our standards. Have a look at our Custom Series to find out what unique features these instruments have. Our instruments are designed with the musician in mind. Each finish, whether it is Satin Silver, Raw Brass, Aged Brass or Red Copper has it’s own characteristics in sound. Our custom necks make them even more unique. deQuelery Aged Brass AltoWe are sure we can match or even exceed whatever instrument or sound you have in mind, and this is not just some marketing statement. We have had many customers that confirm this. More details will follow soon. Keep checking back to our site or subscribe to our blog below.

Pictures left and right: FAT Music

deQuelery Aged Brass Alto 2


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