Boris van der Lek joins the deQuelery Saxophones family! Boris will use a special deQuelery Custom Tenor Saxophone exclusively for recordings, performances and clinics. 

deQuelery Custom Tenor - Boris van der Lek. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

deQuelery Custom Tenor – Boris van der Lek. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

This Custom Series Tenor has a silver lacquered finish, gold lacquered bell with engravings, a rose copper neck (additionally a gold lacquered copper neck is available), all this according to Boris’ specifications. Body and mechanics are fully engraved. The bell rim and side have the name of Boris engraved as a personal touch.

(Gallery at the end of this page – photography by Ruud Roelofsen)

deQuelery Custom Tenor - Boris van der Lek. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

deQuelery Custom Tenor – Boris van der Lek. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

Biography of Boris (translated from

In 1980, Boris Van der Lek (1965, Den Haag) was taken to The North Sea Jazz Festival by his parents Hans en Henriëtte (both artists en jazz lovers) in Den Haag. When Boris saw the TENORBATTLE between saxofonists ARNETT COBB, BUDDY TATE, ILLINOIS JACQUET, BILLY MITCHELL and BUDDY JOHNSON during the North Sea Jazz Festival, he knew what he wanted: to become a TENOR SAXOPHONIST.

His natural talent and great feeling for the instrument made Boris a popular session- and studio musician; at age 18 (1983) he was on stage like a professional musician with his heroes BUDDY TATE and ARNETT COBB. He was asked to come and play at the North Sea Jazz Festival from that moment on. Between 1963 and 1968 he played frequently and this lead to all kinds of bands like HET BORIS VANDERLEK QUARTET and THE GANGBUSTERS.


Boris embraces his deQuelery Custom. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

Boris embraces his deQuelery Custom. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen

In 1987 he toured with THE BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS ORCHESTRA through Europe en Canada; in 1988 he performed with THE NEWPORT ALLSTARS, THE BENNY GOODMAN ALLSTARS and THE MILLERS, but after having performed with HARRY ‘SWEETS’ EDISON, BUTCH MILES and JOE PASS he really made a name for himself. During the tour with Boulevard of Broken Dreams (1987), the jazz band THE HOUDINI’S was created, and he became friends with JULES DEELDER. Playing with The Houdinis, Boris recorded three CD’s, of which two in New York at the studio’s of RUDY VAN GELDER.

In 1989, Boris started TOUGH TENORS with HANS DULFER. This was a great success, given the enthousiastic audience reactions at various theatres in- and outside of The Netherlands until 2002. Boris started to play with HERMAN BROOD & HIS WILD ROMANCE, a long lasting wish of Boris. This cooperation however suddenly came to an end.

From 1994 onwards he started to play with TOUGH TENORS again and they had great succes on the big stages: PARKPOP (Den Haag), PINKPOP, Japan, China, Austria, Switzerland, France (Montreux-Jazzfestival), Hungary, Denmark (Roskildefestival) and England. He also started to play with Livin’ Blues and the GOLDEN EARRING. Nowadays Boris mainly plays with De Deeldeliers; this week they play at De Parade (Amsterdam, 21-24 August).  Check for actual playing dates.

Boris on deQuelery Saxophones:

The way these saxes are built and the custom features on these instruments makes these saxes unique! And all this from Dutch origin! I really think we (saxophone players) can finally make some next steps with the deQuelery saxophones.

Jurjen de Quelerij with Boris

Owner Jurjen de Quelerij with Boris van der Lek – photo: Ruud Roelofsen




















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