8 09, 2015

(Re-)facing of mouthpieces

What is refacing? Refacing of mouthpieces is changing or correcting the 'face' of the mouthpiece where the reed sits. The main factors  of refacing are: changing the curve of the mouthpiece facing adjusting the 'rails' (thickness, symmetry etc) changing the table changing the tipopening changing the baffle In general, refacing a mouthpiece can certainly make

20 01, 2015

Workshop: Customizing Selmer Aftermarket Neck

We are going to modify a Selmer aftermarket neck. This is a non standard neck which was sold as a stand alone product, made in Sterling silver. Modifications will comprise of changing the tenon, applying our deQuelery sound bridge and some other bits and pieces to get a rich, full sound. Here is the neck when

18 06, 2014

deQuelery raw brass ageing process

We are currently in the early stages of ageing a Raw Brass Alto sax. One of the options we offer in various finishes of our saxes is to age the Raw Brass by using a special process. We choose to have all the parts aged, so the complete sax will get a beautiful patina. Of

31 05, 2014

Our Workshop – part 1

We would like to give you a peek into our work shop today. This is part one, in which we explain what we do and give you a few examples. Read more >>