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18 08, 2014

Boris van der Lek plays a deQuelery Custom Tenor Saxophone

Boris van der Lek joins the deQuelery Saxophones family! Boris will use a special deQuelery Custom Tenor Saxophone exclusively for recordings, performances and clinics.  deQuelery Custom Tenor - Boris van der Lek. Photo: Ruud Roelofsen This Custom Series Tenor has a silver lacquered finish, gold lacquered bell with engravings, a rose copper neck (additionally a

14 08, 2014

Sneak preview of a special deQuelery

Here is a sneak preview of a very special deQuelery Saxophone!           We can't reveal all details here, but we will be showing you more in a couple of days, since we are working hard to get the sax finalized and ready to be displayed in all it's glory.    

1 07, 2014

deQuelery Custom Series Aged Brass Alto

Custom Aged Brass Alto under construction These are some pictures from the aged Alto that we have been promising! At the time these pictures were taken, we were still building the instrument. We are planning another photo shoot soon, so that this beauty can show it's true colors. We also noticed an amazing

18 06, 2014

deQuelery raw brass ageing process

We are currently in the early stages of ageing a Raw Brass Alto sax. One of the options we offer in various finishes of our saxes is to age the Raw Brass by using a special process. We choose to have all the parts aged, so the complete sax will get a beautiful patina. Of

11 06, 2014

Boris van der Lek about deQuelery saxophones

We got company from Boris van der Lek in the Hilversound studio. Boris is well known because of his contributions to bands like The Golden Earring, De Deelderiers and the Tough Tenors (started by Hans Dulfer). Boris tried a few deQuelery models: I really enjoyed spending time with you guys yesterday! Here are some thoughts

23 05, 2014

Liebman’s Groove at Hilversound Studios

On June 10, Liebman's Groove will be recording in Hilversound Studios in Hilversum. David Liebman will be playing our deQuelery Saxophones for these recording sessions! We will post soundbites and videos soon!           Liebman's Groove is: David Liebman - deQuelery saxophones and various other instruments Erwin Sommen - Bass Mike Foendoe - Keys Robin Hafkenscheid