Brass Instruments ‘by deQuelery’

The Avance line has the same quality standards as our deQueleryinstruments; beautiful materials, musical designs, easy playability and maintenance free. As a very first in this family of instruments, we have released and delivered a double horn, with features like nickel corpus, cuper-nickle tuning pipes, red copper leadpipe, detachable bell, vintage engraving on the rotors etc.. For all other options please contact us!

Why ‘Avance by deQuelery’?

The Avance brand is our own line of brass instruments. Although we have total freedom in the designs of the instruments, we do not build them ourselves like our saxophones. That’s why we did not think it was fair to brand them as deQuelery. Quality and doing fair business is key for us, as well as total transparency. We are open for suggestions, design changes and feedback! More info via [email protected]

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