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Only in September

Our 3D Series mouthpieces have come a long way! After some 3 years of research and designing, we have this series complete now for tenor and alto saxophones. We’re working on Soprano and Bariton saxophone as we speak, and these will be finalized very soon. In the month of September we will give 15% discount on pre-orders of our 3D mouthpiece. All of the designs are made by us, as well as production and finishing. All models come with 2 years of warranty and money back guarantee, which means if you don’t like it and send it back within a 14 day period, we’ll refund your money. We also do custom work, but only after we have done an intake interview with you. As an extra service, we can create a hard rubber mouthpiece from your favorite 3D mouthpiece.

All mouthpieces come with a liguature that we designed as well. We offer 15 colors on both mouthpiece and ligature.

The material that we use is called Engineering PLA, made from corn starch. Fully recycable and food-safe. Printing is done with a stainless stell nozzle, where others are printing with brass nozzles that may contain lead. All mouthpieces are finished by had, which means we very carefully make sure there is a good seal between table and reed, and that the facing is correct and precise. We do think that giving attention to every detail is key.

Available colors: burgundy , red, light blue, navy blue, yellow, old gold, brown, black, white, light green, pink, purple and green.

Pre-orders are to be shipped out in October. On September 1st we’ll provide a link to our range of 3D mouthpieces. You can also follow us on Facebook to see a sneak peak of these mouthpieces.

Types of mouthpieces

3D Fusion

This is our go-to mouthpiece. A medium large chamber causes this mouthpiece to be an all time favorite; very versatile, made for Jazz, Pop. Lots of core!

3D Fusion Curve

De Fusion Curve has a long, curved baffle, causing a bit of brightness compared to the Fusion model.

3D Fusion Groove

The Groove has short, angled baffle for a nice punch, while still having enough room to also sound ‘warm’.

3D Fusion Edge

The Fusion Edge has a tremendous projection, suited for those screaming solo’s in Big Bands and Rock or Pop. This is our most extreme sounding model.

3D Vintage

The Vintage has a dark sound and reminds us of Old Jazz. Has low projection.

3D Vintage Curve

The Vintage Curve adds a little brightness to the sound compared to the Vintgage.

3D Vintage Groove

The Vintage Groove has a short and angled baffle for a little added punch.

3D Vintage Edge

The Vintage Edge has the characteristics of Jazz, but has an extreme baffle for projection and brightness.


We only use food safe materials to print. OUr filament is from Europe and is approved by EU-guidelines and the FDA. Our HD-PLA is RoHS-certified.


All 3D models are €190 (excl. shipping). What you get is a quality mouthpiece, hand finished and tested.  Precise curve an facing characteristics. Tip-openings range from 5-8. When pre-ordered in September you get 15% discount and you pay only €161,50! This is including matching ligature (your color).

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